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About Us
Our inspiration.

Happy Giving Birthday was inspired by Sally on her eldest son’s 20th birthday, while she was reflecting upon the amazing journey they had both experienced. Sally recalled the intensive labor experience and the amount of effort involved in bringing her son into this world in a healthy and loving way. She thought that mothers would appreciate special recognition on the day that their child was born - as an expression of gratitude for everything they had done, from labour and giving birth to all the hundreds and thousands of other sacrifices they had made.

A way to say thanks

That’s when Sally decided to create a way for sons, daughters, husbands and other friends and family to say thanks and show their appreciation. And that’s what Happy Giving Birthday is all about. Happy Giving Birthday believes that a Mother’s importance in her child’s life should be celebrated on her child’s birthday. It’s the perfect time to acknowledge the sacrifice and commitment that she made when she gave birth.

Make Mom feel special

Happy Giving Birthday offers a way for everyone to express gratitude and joyfulness in a meaningful way by recognizing mothers on their child’s birthday!

It gives sons, daughters, husbands and friends an opportunity to enrich an already joyful experience by offering a small token of appreciation such as a Happy Giving Birthday greeting card or even a bottle of wine or champagne with a Happy Giving Birthday sticker on it!

Happy Giving Birthday wants to make moms feel special. For everything they’ve done, and especially for actually giving birth!

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